"The Pink Bus" is officially available — just in time for the topsiest-turviest election season imaginable. Check it out on Amazon or on the Lethe Press website.

Here's what nice people who have already read it are saying: 
"The wickedly smart plot of The Pink Bus takes off like a shot with the assassination attempt of a popular gay reality star in Texas running for United States Senate. While his hero fights for breath, Christopher Kelly deftly turns a mirror on the decisions, relationships, ambition and heartbreak that shape a life. Will Patrick Monaghan live or die? Is he a good man or a bad one? Elegant, timely and utterly original, Kelly keeps us hanging about the fateful path of two bullets--and leaves us asking questions about modern culture long after we turn the last page."  — Julia Heaberlin, author of Black-Eyed Susans 
And here's the official plot description, for those still not convinced: 
"A month before Election Day, the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Texas – a gay reality television star named Patrick Francis Monaghan– takes to the stage to deliver a speech. Before the candidate can begin, he is shot twice in the stomach. As doctors work to save him, the reader is taken on a touching journey through the preceding forty years of Patrick’s life. Through a tight and appealing cast of characters, we see Patrick navigate what it is to be a gay man– and a public figure – in our rapidly changing world."
Available in paperback or Kindle editions. Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends.

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